Chrome spray paints have spread throughout the domain of automobile care like wildfire- and with respectable reason. They are durable, appealing, and relaxed to employ. Furthermore, chrome spray paints are extraordinarily nifty. In case you are on the hunt for a deluxe chrome spray dye, this is precisely the article you should be reading!

In this comprehensive directory (Buying Guide), you will discover everything that you require to discern concerning the best chrome spray paints of 2020. From reviews to comparisons, all information will be at your fingertips.


In essence, the Krylon Premium Metallic Spray Paint is hands-down an unsurpassed chrome spray paint. It renders a tremendous finish on nearly any exterior imaginable.

Chrome spray paints permit you to create lustrous perky sheets of paint via aerosolized canisters. They dry fleetingly as well, giving you enough room to make progress on your project.

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The Best Chrome Spray Paint

The popularity of chrome spray paint has given rise to dozens of noble alternatives available in the marketplace. Below is a list of five of the best chrome spray paints. With these cans, you can rest assured of a gleaming, satisfactory paint errand.

#1. Krylon K01010A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint

Premium Metallic SprayThis stellar paint by Krylon yields an intense, glistening chrome finesse that rivals genuine chrome electroplating. The amazing facet of this item is that it takes barely 10 minutes for it to dry wholly.

It is uncontrolled by acids, winning a safe and operator-friendly nature. It will neither deal damage to any pre-existing paint jobs nor burn upon touching.

The spray paint cylinder offers approximately 8 ounces of color that can jacket up to 20 sq ft of area in chrome. With this, you can conveniently shell an archetypal car bumper with multiple coats before running out.

Krylon serves more than a sole shade of metallic spray paints, including top-rate silver, pewter grey, and gold. This way, you can effortlessly match the coat of this paint with the hue of the original surface.

The Krylon K01010A07 is apt for an assortment of exteriors besides metal, like lumber, porcelain, wickerwork. It also functions seamlessly as a chrome spray paint for plastic.

A shortcoming of this paint is that it is apposite mostly for internal practice. It is also relatively expensive for its performance and capacity.


  • Renders a radiant and profound finish
  • Dries hastily
  • Fitting for several surfaces
  • Does not acids


  • Better suited for inside handling
  • Expensive
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#2. Rust-Oleum 7718830 Bright Coat Spray Paint, Chrome

Stops Rust Bright Coat Metallic Spray PaintThe Rust-Oleum 7718830 Bright Coat Chrome Spray Paint is a supreme selection for you if you’re running with a budget. It is amongst the most inexpensive spray paints around, offering full usefulness for its cost. One can of this artefact has 11 ounces of paint, capable of covering enormous projects.

Once you put the chrome spray paint, it takes about 60 minutes to dry. The subsequent finish will appear dazzling and attractive with the added profit of defiance to diminishing. It is not susceptible to dulling either.

The best components this item are its endurance for fragmenting and aptitude to preserve color. In addition to these, it will shield your metallic surface from oxidation. Your efforts will remain perfectly preserved for a prolonged while in this paint.

What’s beyond, is that the container features an ergonomic design. The wide finger cushion provides maximum comfort and is no hassle when using it when a task calls for constant spraying. The angle-spray tool facilitates you to shower in whichever direction and angle you prefer.

In order to gain the best results, you must smear dainty coats of the paint in multiple installments, a couple of minutes apart. Once you create a coat, it takes approximately an hour to dry. You can buy it as a discrete can or in a package of 6 units.

Conversely, if you seek a particularly gleaming characteristic, the chances of you feeling satisfied are rare since this chrome spray paint is not too silken.

This product is an outstanding selection if are looking to splatter accent pieces or create highlights. Consumers often regard this product as an exclusively indoor chrome spray paint. Conversely, you do not have to worry about its outdoor performance at all.


  • Reasonable plus cost-effective
  • Resilient to chipping
  • Maintains shading
  • Excellent for coloring accents


  • Features a relatively lower gloss
  • May demand a primer on slick planes
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#3. VHT SP525 Quick Coat Silver Chrome Acrylic Enamel Can

Silver Chrome Spray Paints Acrylic Enamel CanIf you have a taste for first-class goods, the VHT SP525 Chrome Acrylic Enamel Can will not disappoint. It uses state-of-the-art resources for its composition, avoiding lead. It is an entirely sustainable chrome spray dye and boasts of ozone-safe properties.

The VHT SP525 thrives on exterior as well as inner surfaces. Besides using it for your automobile or related projects, you can use it on timber, mortar, and brickwork too. Unlike many other chrome spray paints, this one produces a satisfactory result even with a lone coat.

The can has a capacity of 11 ounces, so you can remain assured that it will aid you in extensive schemes. Since it is enamel-based, this spray paint dries to trace within 30 minutes. Despite this, you must allow it to stand overnight before managing it. It may strike as an inconvenience, but the permanency and toughness of the coat are worth the wait.

The chrome covering that the VHT SP525 furnishes is weather-proof and guards metal from deterioration or tarnishing. It leans more towards slippery and shiny than dull, but you may have to conduct some buffing to retain these properties.

A common grievance among users is that the tops necessitate proper, all-embracing groundwork before they are capable of holding this spray paint. It can be laborious and exhausting.


  • First-class superiority
  • Viable for internal and external use
  • The coat is weather-resistant and sleek
  • Accessible in a pack of six cans


  • Does not come with clear directions for application
  • Demands preparatory efforts like scuffing
  • Not for sale in Catalina Island
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#4. Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Metallic Craft Spray Paints

Martha Stewart Crafts Martha Stewart Crafts may not be the label you expect to hear when looking for chrome spray paints for your automobile. Despite that, the chrome spray paints by this establishment are adaptable and seemly for assorted planes.

They stand apart from other variations of chrome paints. They also give a more pleasant and glittering finish to the body you apply them on.

These dyes use a water-based acrylic principle that is uninhibited by toxic components. You also have an assortment of colors to pick, making it simple to find a shade respective to your vehicle.

One can has a measly 2-ounce capacity, which may strike as too diminutive for its price. Even so, the uniqueness of this chrome spray paint makes it equal to a try. You can also use these tints on fabric, glass, lumber, and additional bases. It is a fairly decent choice for plastic too.


  • Multi-surface
  • Renders a dazzling texture
  • Non-toxic and water-based
  • Inclusive assortment of colors


  • Expensive
  • Offers a low capacity
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#5. Dupli-Color SHD1000 Shadow Chrome Black-Out Coating Kit

Shadow Chrome Black-out Coating KitIf you aim for professionalism in your work, then the Dupli-Color SHD1000 is an immaculate chrome spray paint choice. You can employ it for a horde of surfaces, and it produces equally expert outcomes on each. It is one of the best chrome spray paint possibilities for vehicle customizations since it is impervious to hotness and does not contract blemishes.

The Dupli-Color SHD1000 balances with the base’s color, so you can be confident that the automotive accessory will look excellent on any metallic surface. As a portion of this set, you gain approach to an Abrasive Prep Tip and transparent coating too.

If you seek to shield any fragmentations or scratches on your vehicle, there is no better solution than this. Automobile manufacturers have verified and approved the colors in this range. The Dupli-Color SHD1000 is the perfect product for you if you need black chrome spray paint.

While the SHD1000 originates with a collection of positive factors, it also has its disadvantages. The design of the spout is such a disadvantage since it is not fairly convenient to operate. Operators sometimes grumble about the deficiency of an even flow while spraying.

The SHD1000 is a lacquer dye, so you will have to buff and compound it from interval to interval. While the color does not usually peel or chip, you should ideally practice this to ensure optimum integrity.


  • Delivers a proficient end
  • Heat defiant
  • Multipurpose
  • Matches base


  • Design of nozzle is inconvenient
  • Head requires clearing while spurting to prevent blockage
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Finest Chrome Spray Dye Topmost Pick: Krylon K01010A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint

The Krylon K01010A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint earns the title of the elite overall chrome aerosol paint because it is a robust, well-rounded unit. It creates stunning chrome layers on almost any exterior- including paper, cane, and mortar ceramic.

Customers often regard Krylon as the first spray paint brand in US. It has held the trust of customers since 1947, offering first-rate merchandises.

The depth and elegance of the texture that this tint renders remain unrivaled by the other candidates in this handbook. You do not need to sweat while preparing the base surface either- you can spray directly without apprehensions. It will not impact the smoothness of the varnish.

While the Krylon K01010A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint is slightly pricey, it is worth each penny. You can use this chrome spray splatter to touch-up your automobile, dye the bumper, add detailing to different components, and beyond.

Comparison Of Features Of The Topmost 5 Superlative Chrome Spray Paints

The five chrome spray paint selections in this buying guide are the cream of the crop in this field. However, each of them carries distinctive, unique features that set them apart from other candidates.

If you desire to gain a bird’s eye view of all of these chrome spray paint varieties, observe the table below. You will find a summary of what each product has to offer and subsequently make a wise decision as per your requirements.

Features/Chrome Spray Paint Krylon K01010A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint Rust-Oleum 7718830 Bright Coat Chrome Spray Paint VHT SP525 Chrome Acrylic Enamel Can Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Metallic Craft Spray Paints

Dupli-Color SHD1000 Shadow Chrome Black-Out Coating Kit


8 oz. 11 oz. 11 oz. 2 oz. 11 oz.
Base Solvent-Based Enamel Enamel Water-Based Acrylic Lacquer Paint
Multi-Surface Yes- Plastic, Metal, Wicker, Ceramic Yes- Metal, Concrete, Masonry Yes- Metal, Sealed Plaster, Masonry Yes- Wood, Metal, Glass, Fabric Suitable Only For Vehicle Surfaces
Metallic Finish Yes- Glossy Rendition Yes Yes Yes- Glittery Finish Yes- Produces Dark, Partly Reflective Coat
Mirror Finish No Yes No 1No No
Weather-Resistant No- Suitable For Temperature Between 50-85 Degrees And Below 85% Humidity Yes Yes No Yes- Resistant To Heat As Well
Protection Against Rust No Yes Yes No Yes
Contains Primer Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Availability Of Color Options 8 Options 5 Options 14 Options 18 Options Black
Drying Time 15 Minutes 60 Minutes Overnight 30 Minutes Overnight
Non-toxic Yes, Free From Acids No Yes Yes No
Preparation Required Low Low Very High Low High

Choosing The Finest Chrome Spray Paint

The chrome spray paint options above are unsurpassed in the game. Whichever you elect, you will not be disappointed with the results. However, if it is regarding the automotive accessories, you can never be too careful!

To be able to build a better decision, shoot a gaze at the multiple factors you ideally need to look into to gauge the most suitable.


It goes without enumerating that you should inspect the hue of the paint you purchase. There are slight to vast variations in even identical shades of distinctive brands. If sampling the item is not feasible, the canister or cap should be an indicator.


The size of your undertaking plus the magnitude of your purpose are significant aspects that decide the suitability of a chrome spray paint package. If your plan is extensive, you ought to evaluate whether a solitary sizable cylinder will be more economical than multiple smaller ones or vice versa.

For illustration, to decorate the entirety of a typical car bumper, it will necessitate an 8 to 11 ounce tin of chrome spray paint. Conversely, if you are contemplating garnishing a surface or carrying out a minor touch-up, a small bottle worth 2 ounces can likewise be sufficient.

Compatibility With Various Planes

There is a plethora of chrome spray paints purchasable, but not all are harmonious with different types of surfaces. Generally, you will catch a list of bodies that the paint will nicely stick to on the back of the canister or its packaging.

Metallic or Mirror Finish

If you crave a chrome spray dye job to meet your expectations, you must bear in mind the manner of finish you wish and procure accordingly. For illustration, chrome paints with a glass polish produce a silken, reflective surface.

On the other hand, you have typical metallic chrome spray paints. They do have a glistening chrome manifestation but are not burnished and reflective. Your choice of finish relies upon the purpose of your venture.

With Or Without Primer

Countless chrome spray paints boast of a composition containing primer elements. It eliminates the need for initial efforts such as scuffing or sandpapering the shell of your project.

If you anticipate refurbishing car brims, then you should look for chrome spurts paints with primer integrated. It is due to the astronomical level of wear-and-tear the surface will experience.


You must deliberate the effortlessness of functioning when obtaining chrome spray paint to help move things along swifter. Since spray paints are relaxed to apply, there are supplementary factors that may impede the progression. Certain chrome spray paints may command far-reaching prerequisite groundwork.

Every product takes its own time to dry as well, so you should ideally hunt for paints that dry rapidly.

Enamel-based chrome spray paints commonly require overnight drying but generate sturdy and weatherproof coatings. Water-based formulations dry relatively faster, some even taking only as much as 15 minutes! Keep in observance that their skins will not match those of enamel chrome spray paints in terms of quality.

Tips To Employ Chrome Spray Paint Effectively Plus Safely

Automobile care comprises of nuanced and precision-centric tasks that demand utter care. You wouldn’t want to dedicate hours of hard work only to greet sub-par results! If you wish to receive a top-notch rendition of your expectations while keeping your vehicle safe, you must work while bearing specific essential points in mind.

Here are a few advices to help you carry out the solicitation of your chrome spray paints in the finest possible manner.

Toil in an appropriate location

The primary stride is to prepare your workspace for a session of chrome spray painting. The area will most likely be your garage. You must certify that the site you choose has adequate ventilation. The level of humidity should not be beyond 50%. The ideal heat for a satisfactory result can range from 70 to 100°F.

Employ suitable defensive equipment

Most chrome spray paints encompass toxic components. They can instigate severe irascibility and burning in your eyes and on your skin. Since spray paints have aerosol, they may even pose a potential threat to your respiratory coordination.

There are many non-toxic, ecological chrome spray paints available as well. These are always better options. Regardless, make sure you don shielding goggles and gloves when working with even the best chrome spray paint.

Prepare the base surface you want to paint

Once you have managed your workspace and donned protective gear, you should start preparing the surface you will paint. Typically, this involves cleaning the grime and dust off your automobile and its components to prevent contamination.

As a more extensive preparatory measure, you can use sandpaper to remove any persisting layers until you contact the original surface. When you spray onto the foundational material, the coat will last longer and appear maturely smooth.

Apply primer

You already know that several chrome spray paints contain primer elements within them. Despite that, it is never a bad idea to apply primer onto the surface you clear.

Make sure the layer is light and thin. You can use a spray gun to achieve this. If you are aiming for a bright finish, a black primer with gloss is your best option. Sand the coat of primer before moving onto spray painting.

Apply the chrome spray paint

The surface of your vehicle is now ready for you to begin painting. For ultimate results, you should apply the chrome spray paint starting from the top and make your way towards the bottom. Do your best to prevent the formation of paint droplets since they will hinder the elegance of the coat upon drying.

As per recommendations, you should spray onto the base while keeping the can at least 10 inches away from it. Move the can in straight, unobstructed lines when you apply. You will most likely need to use more than one coat. The higher the number of layers, the more lustrous your final result will be.

To Sum Up

You can take your automotive garnishing up a notch with the best chrome spray paints.  These paints do not only bring a dazzling appearance to the table but also shield your metal surface from corrosion.

When you’re out sifting through options, you should settle for a paint that renders just the right tone, finish, and color. If you go ahead and purchase a chrome spray paint from the list in this guide, you will receive excellent value regardless of the selection. Remember to wear protective gear when working with chrome spray paints as the constituent elements can cause skin irritation. It is time to say hello to a high-quality finish on the surface of your car with the best chrome spray paint!