There are many things that are often present in the garage. Usually you will have a toolbox, a garage vacuum, a workbench, power tools, and air compressor, among others. Yet maybe the most useful one is the garage heater

There are all sorts of garage heaters. Larger garage heater will usually produce more BTUs but also cost more to buy. This chart shows the number of watts, average cost, BTUs, average cost to run, and room size heater can handle. 

Number of WattsAverage PriceBTUs
(10W = 34.1 BTU)
Cost To Run (2021 US – 13¢ per KWH)Room Size
(low Insolation 12.5w per sq. ft.)
1000W Heater$25-$1503,410 BTU13¢ per hr. (24hr-$3.12)80 Sq. ft.
2000W Heater$100-$3006,820 BTU26¢ per hr. (24hr-$6.24)160 Sq. ft.
3000W Heater$100-$30010,230 BTU39¢ per hr. (24hr-$9.34)240 Sq. ft.
4000W Heater$100-$40013,640 BTU52¢ per hr. (24hr-$12.48)320 Sq. ft.
5000W Heater
$100-$60017,050 BTU65¢ per hr. (24hr-$15.60)400 Sq. ft.
10000W Heater$200-$80034,100 BTU$1.30 per hr. (24hr-$31.20)8000 Sq. ft.

Garage heaters can come in a variety of shape and size. Some are wall mounted, some sit on a table or flor, while others hang from the ceiling. If you are wondering which ones you might want to get keep reading for information in several options to choose from.

What is a Garage Heater?

Also known as the shop heater, the primary function of this appliance is to provide spot heating that is needed in your garage. This is an essential investment for the winter if you live in a place that is basically cold year-round. They are known for their energy-efficiency, allowing such to be used without worrying that electricity will shoot up. Also, as it will be mentioned later, there are different sources of power, including gas or kerosene.

Depending on the specific brand and model of the garage heater that will be chosen, their power and functionality can vary. More often than not, however, their power will range from 1,500 to 5,600 watts. With the latter, they will be enough for heating space with a size of 150 to 560 square feet.

Types of Garage Heater

Garage heater can be categorized in different ways, and one would be through the way they are installed. In this case, the following are the options that you will have:

  • Fixed Garage Heaters: This means that the garage heater is mounted, usually in the ceiling or wall. They are wired and they cannot be moved once they are already installed unless you unscrew it. They are also usually more powerful compared to their counterparts.
  • Portable Garage Heaters: As the name implies, this is a type of heater that is movable. You can adjust its position or bring it in any other indoor space that needs to be heated. They are excellent in terms of versatility, as they can be used in different places.

Meanwhile, the garage heaters can also be categorized on the basis of their heating mechanism. In this case, the following are the options that you will have:

  • Electric or Fan-Forced: From all the types, this is perhaps the most popular. They are known for many benefits that they can deliver, specifically its ease of installation. First, electricity will be converted into heat. After this, the fan will draw cold air from the garage and then blow it again to create the heating effect. They are also known for the ability to heat quickly.
  • Radiant: In the case of this type, it will provide spot heating. This means that the heat will be directed to a specific target. It does not warm the entire space. This is an excellent choice if you want to heat only a specific portion of the garage. However, you need to be always near it to feel the heat produced.
  • Infrared: This uses innovative infrared wavelengths to produce heat. It does not come with a fan, which is beneficial because this means that it will not produce a loud noise. Similar to radiant heaters, it also directs the heat in a specific portion of the garage.
  • Natural Gas, Diesel, or Kerosene: While the products that have been mentioned above use electricity as the main supply of energy, these models use gas. They are also portable since they do not require electricity. However, they usually have high risks, which is why caution must be observed in their use.

Essential Factors to Consider

As you try to look for the best garage heater, the following are some of the most important factors that should be taken into account:

  • Power: This is one of the most important technical specifications that should be considered. Some garage heater plug into a normal 120v outlet while other may need a 240v. The source of power or type of the heater will have an impact on how much power it draws from your circuit breaker panel.
  • Size of the Garage: This is important to ensure the heating efficiency of the heater that you will purchase. If you have a large garage, you need a more powerful heater. If not, you will end up still suffering from a cold temperature.
  • Installation: This is especially important for models that are fixed in a specific position. You should be able to install it in a snap. The manufacturer must provide comprehensive instructions to let you easily accomplish its assembly.
  • Safety: Do not also forget to pay attention to the safety features that you can find in the product. This can provide you with peace of mind in its use. For instance, for portable models, it is good if it automatically switch off if in case it trips. There should also be protection from overheating and the housing must stay cool, even with prolonged use.

Popular Picks on Amazon for Garage Heaters in 2021

If you are having a hard time deciding which one to choose, the following are the products you might want to consider.

1000 Watt – Andily Space Electric Heater with Thermostat

Small Heater with Thermostat, 750W/1500WThis space heater has three different heat settings that do everything from take the chill out of the air to leave you feeling warm and toasty. The built-in safety features protect the unit from overheating and tipping over. As an added bonus, the unit is compact and has a carrying handle for easy storage when not in use.

The thermostat system can according to the thermostat setting let your garage remain at a comfortable temperature.This heater can be used in small area (such as warming your feet),meanwhile warms up your garage.

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2000 Watt – Cadet Manufacturing 67527

Fan Forced Electric Wall HeaterThe Cadet Manufacturing is just the electric wall heater you need to quickly warm up large rooms (like garage). Two heaters behind a single grill easily fend off cold drafts and breezes in entryways and open areas.

I’ts the ideal choice for heating larger areas with a single heater. Twin heaters connected behind a single grille provide all the benefits including highly regarded safety components. It features a compact and contemporary design with a convenient built-in thermostat and two nichrome coil elements that rapidly attain the desired heat. A wall can and white grille are included for a complete unit package.

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3000 Watt – Dr. Heater DR966

Hardwired Shop Garage Commercial HeaterNeed safe, comfort and quick heat? This DR966 industrial heater can be easily installed in either your new or remodeled garage. Dr966 can be your primary or auxiliary heat source for your garage, factories, stores, warehouses, workshops, schools, churches, hospitals, dormitories or any exposed areas.

DR966 uses spiral steel metal sheath electric heating elements with low sheath temperatures provide uniform heat and long service life. Plus a large, matched, dynamically 8″ fan provide maximum air flow with minimum turbulence and noise, gently distributes warmth through your area.

Totally enclosed, thermally protected, heavy duty ball bearing motor features permanently lubricated provides long life and low maintenance. Built-in adjustable thermostat allows to set your desire style.

Rugged stamped steel front cover with five-way adjustable louvers for easy control airflow. Ceiling and wall mounting bracket are included. Finished in a gray epoxy paint.

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4000 Watt – Dura Heat EUH4000

4000W Electric Forced Air HeaterThe EUH4000’s 4000 watts provide powerful heating to your garage. The tubular cabinet design of the Electric Forced Air Heater maximizes heat distribution, making it perfect for jobsites, workshops, warehouses, agricultural buildings, and many other heavy duty heating needs.

The Electric Forced Air Heater is portable, or it can be mounted to the wall or ceiling with included mounting kit! The heavy duty construction includes stainless steel heating element, heavy gauge cabinet, built in turbo fan, automatic thermostat, and overheat shut-off.

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5000 Watt – NewAir G56 Portable Garage Heater

Portable Garage Heater, Electric Infared Fast Heat for up to 800 sq ftThe NewAir G56 garage heater is one of the most popular on the market today. This unit will quickly and efficiently heat areas up to 500 sq. ft. This particular heater covers much more space than most portable heaters.

The unit is made with a sturdy steel body which includes a safety grille. It is certified for electrical safety so it will give you the peace of mind you deserve. It is portable enough that it will fit well in any area, whether it is against a wall or in the corner. The NewAir G56 garage heater works in many different types of areas such as garages, warehouses, and shipping and receiving areas. The NewAir G56 garage heater will quickly and thoroughly warm up an area up to 560 sq. ft. Click here for owners manual.

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10000 Watt – Comfort Zone CZ260ER

Ceiling-Mounted High-Output 10,000-WattCreate a comfortable environment with this Comfort Zone industrial heater in your workspace or in your garage. Designed for use in harsh environments and using fan-forced air operation, this ceiling-mounted heater distributes heat across a wide area to keep your space comfortable.

It is crafted with a tough heavy gauge steel body allowing it to stand up to sudden temperature drops and spikes it can encounter in poorly insulated areas. Together with the integrated vent plates that can be adjusted to change the angle of airflow and the ceiling mounting bracket that is included, this heater can be adjusted to target the heat to where you need it most.

The adjustable thermostat control on this ceiling heater offers customized heating output, optimizing performance to suit your environment and provide personalized comfort. Easily adjust the temperature on this 10,000-Watt space heater using the integrated digital thermostat control or with the easy to operate remote control from a distance.


  • Hard-Wired 240V Connection;
  • Super high heating output, 10,000 watts;
  • Remote Control for convenient adjustment;
  • Digital thermostat;
  • 12 hour timer with auto-shutoff;
  • Fan-Forced for wide area circulation;
  • Fully enclosed motor for use in harsh conditions;
  • Safety Overheat Protection System.
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In sum, garage heaters can be a helpful investment if you work in the garage during cold days. This will help you to make use of a space that is often not utilized efficiently.

You can turn the garage into a workshop or use it for any other purpose. Even when just working with basic car repairs, the addition of a heater will be a great thing, as it can make you more productive.

Installing a 120v heater is easy, while a 240v heater may require special wiring and possibly a new 240v circuit breaker panel. 

Best wishes for a warm and comfortable garage the next time you are out there working on your next project.