Car buffers and polishers are must-have accessories that every car owner should own. It offers many benefits, like keeping your car’s paint in good condition. Today, when you search the market offline or online, you will find many choices of car buffers and polishers, and each one promises to give you the best results. If this is your first time to buy these car accessories, you will puzzle and mystified due to the many brands available. Buying a car buffer and polisher shouldn’t be stressful. We can help you find the best one by reading this review. But, before that, let us give you an insight into some of the benefits of buying this car accessory.

Perks of car buffing and polishing

Some of these take account of:

  • Eliminating heavy and fine defects
  • This is also very powerful in removing deep marks and scratches
  • Paintwork decontamination that cannot be eliminated by using a sponge improved the condition of the paint
  • Restores paint fading
  • Maintain the shiny appearance of the car
  • Color depth improved and at the same time rejuvenates the color

As we mentioned, you can find many brands or models of car buffers and polishers available. To make the best out of your purchase, make sure to buy the finest and most reliable. Car buffers and polishers are not just available at various prices. They also obtainable in diverse designs and sizes, which makes it more confusing in choosing the right one. So, sit back as we give you the best 5 car buffers and polishers available today:

#1. PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Polisher

Variable Speed PolisherThis car polisher is packed with state-of-the-art features; that is one reason why it is considered a popular car accessory among car owners today. Aside from car polisher, you can also utilize this product in sanding vehicles as well as marine projects. This is a very powerful buffer and polisher, thanks to its 4.5 amp motor. The company also includes a six-inch polishing pad in every package, which is made of high quality materials so you can use it many times.

Unlike other brands available on the market, this one is supported by a generous warranty on covers defects or errors due to faulty workmanship and materials. The company likewise provides a 12-month service contract. You can easily purchase worn parts to the nearest hardware. This is deemed as among the highly convenient buffers one could ever use in the market. It can hold twenty-four spindle thread accessories and a removable two-position handle.


  • Speed cleaning
  • Don’t overheat
  • Tough and durable structure
  • Applicable in various surfaces


  • Noisy
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#2. HONE Orbital Buffer

Long-Throw Ramdom Orbital Polisher,Hone is a reputable and trustworthy company. Their car buffers and polishers are considered superb and reliable. Hone car buffers and polishers are made keeping in the convenience of the users. This product is user-friendly and comes with advanced features. The powerful integrated motor can eliminate stubborn stains, even the deep marks.

When it comes to dual action polisher, you need to try this one. The integrated six-speed control dial is easy to use. It also comes with three foam correcting pads. This polisher has a working speed that ranges from 1200 to 4200 RPM. There is no necessity to press any switch to initiate product usage. It is offered with a substantial warranty as well.


  • Starts easily
  • Integrated with lots of user-friendly features
  • Use on surfaces made of metal
  • Set at varying speeds


  • Expensive
  • Some complaints of being not effective in eliminating deep marks as well as scratches
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#3. DEWALT DWP849X Car Buffer and Polisher

Variable Speed Polisher with Soft Start DEWALT has been in the business for many years, and they have a remarkable reputation due to the quality of the products they offer to the market. Their polishers offer amazing power and superb job. Everything is made possible due to the integrated 12 amp motor. The variable speed capability of this product is what makes it #1 among car detailers and car owners as well. Aside from car polisher, this is also effective to use in boats.  If you are a boat and car detailer, or a paint expert, or metal fabricators, then you will find this one beneficial.


  • Tough
  • Hard-wearing product
  • You can use this polisher in different speed settings
  • Smooth to use doesn’t leave your hands tired
  • Has easy to read guides


  • Plastic parts
  • Issues in overheating
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#4. POLIWELL Polisher

Polisher Dual Action Random Orbital Car Buffer Polisher Kit Every car detailer knows how powerful and reliable this car polisher from POLIWELL. One of its many selling points is the super powerful motor that competently eliminates hard to eradicate stains. You can count on this product to remove deep marks and scratches. If you want a 3-1 polisher, which you can use in buffing, polishing, and eradicating defects on car paints, then you will never go wrong if you buy this one. It is safe to use in metal and sand wood as well.

What we liked about this product is the integrated 6 speed control dial that allows us to easily modify the cleaning speed. Do you want to wax your car, just set this product on a low-speed setting? For cleaning, just set the dial at a medium speed. For hard to eliminate marks, set this polisher on a high speed.


  • Very tough
  • Eliminate hard to eliminate stains and scrapes
  • Easy to adjust the handle
  • You can adjust the handle with ease
  • The body is made of rubber, so it offers you a comfortable gripping
  • User friendly


  • Bulky
  • Expensive product may ruin your budget
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#5. Makita Variable Speed Polisher-Sander

Variable Speed Polisher/Sander for detailing and polishingFor proficient car detailers out there wanting to buy a reliable car buffer and polisher must consider this product from Makita. Its extreme precision job makes it enticing for many expert detailers. This is very effective in doing away with scratches, even the oldest and deepest marks from your auto’s surface.

Makita was integrated with super-powerful 10-amp motor features speeds from 600 to 3000 range per minute. This is integrated with amazing features like the Soft Start. It has rubberized for extra comfort when holding the handle. While the integrated wire mesh cover avoids wool from coming into the motor, which makes it more durable. . This is superlative for handling a long and mind-numbing detailing job for any car or automobile.


  • Quiet operation
  • User as sander and polisher
  • Soft state so there is no need for load to kick-off
  • One of the toughest and durable products available on the market today
  • Ideal for tight budget buyer yet looking for a superior polisher, then this one is for you.
  • Use it incessantly
  • Available with generous warranty


  • Hard to use most, especially if you are a newbie
  • Bulky and heaviness
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There you are! Listed above are just some of the most excellent car buffers and polishers. Each one has its set of features, and each comes with advantages and disadvantages. Choose the one that meets your car’s needs and requirements. Each one differs in price, so ensure to consider the budget when searching for this kind of car accessory.  But, one thing for sure, no matter what product you choose, you are assured of it’s quality and reliability.