A subwoofer box plays a vital role in the auto stereo system generating the bass frequency. Today, owing to the popularity of this car accessory, manufacturers decided to come up with a subwoofer in various designs, shapes, and sizes. For car owners out there who want to boost listening experience while driving, consider getting this one.


As we mentioned, this car accessory is available in various styles and models on the market in 2021. That is why it is overwhelming and daunting to find one. Worry no more, as this buying guide is intended for you to blow away the stress of searching for a right subwoofer box. So, there is no need to wait? Sit back, relax, and continue reading.

#1. ATREND-BBOX Subwoofer Box

12” Single Sealed Wedge Shaped Subwoofer EnclosureTopping our list is the subwoofer from ATREND. What we like about this product is its small size. If you own a small vehicle with a small space, then it is highly advisable to buy this one. Aside from being lightweight and small-sized, this is also carpeted that adds a luxurious appearance to your vehicle’s interior. What makes this apart is that it is made of MDF, making it tough and good to touch. ATREND receives lots of good reviews online and got a high rating on Amazon, and you can have it without spending more.

This is a good investment. It is integrated with extremely soft particleboard. However, it is vital to ensure that you get the speaker centered and make certain the screw holes are drilled properly.


  • A tough structure
  • Tough and will not break easily
  • Cheap price
  • Good investment
  • Fit smallest vehicles and big cars too


  • The width of the port is too small
  • Some users deem the dimension as a flaw
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#2. Q Power Speaker Box

Dual 12-Inch Vented Speaker Box Even if this car accessory is expensive, you will make the best of your money due to the integrated features. One superb feature is the exceptional style distinction. It generated a deep bass-filled sound, which enhances your listening experience most particularly when playing Rhythm and Blues music.

Another exceptional thing is the MDF material, which makes it tough and durable. It also incorporates tough bed line spray. A very powerful box to consider is Q Power, as it can manage the tougher turns while offering crisp and amazing sound.


  • Setting up is a breeze
  • Loads of users love the mode of this product over the conventional carpeted alternative
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Stylish subwoofer box


  • Due to bad airflow, there is a tendency of suppressing some tune
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#3. BBox E10SV

Single 10" Vented Carpeted Subwoofer EnclosureThis is our third choice on the list. BBox is made in the USA. This is considered a cost-effective solution to all the customer’s wants. The outside panel comes with a Milter and Dado structure that adds additional support and improves the integrity of the structure. This state-of-the-art construction method offers unmatched build as well as remarkable and excellent sound quality.

This is a well-built subwoofer box. It is reinforced sufficiently and comes with an internal volume of 87 cubic feet (2.46 m3). The BBox is also well vented. In fact, it met the requirements of my level 4 DC subwoofer that required 1.5 feet cubic space in order to beat well. What I love about this box is that it did the trick. I am very happy with the excellent wood quality used in making this product. The structure is superb and well done. The screws are nicely hidden, and the carpet is attached and glued perfectly. This is one it gets high ratings in various reviews online. On Amazon, the product rated with 4.5 stars.  A lot of customers are happy with the quality of the build and the features integrated into it. If you don’t have enough budget for a high-end product, you can give this product a try. I assure you that you will never regret your decision.


  • Setting up this product is a breeze
  • The quality is superb
  • Excellent sound
  • Made by a renowned company
  • Nice carpeting
  • Constructed of high quality materials so it will last longer
  • Go along with your vehicle’s interior
  • Smooth and well glued


  • Joints came loose after weeks
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#4. Bbox Sealed Subwoofer Box

Dual 12" Sealed Carpeted Subwoofer EnclosureBbox is a renowned company thanks to the eminence of the subwoofer boxes it offers.  They have wide selections of subwoofer boxes for an array of requirements. This car accessory is made exclusively for the Dodge Ram. So, have different car models. This is not a superb choice for you due to the exceptional fit of the design.

In general, if you drive a Dodge Ram, ready to experience a new speaker box. Fits your car without problems and all at once offers a remarkable sound.


  • Offers an ideal fit, which sits comfortably in your auto
  • Constructed of first-class, rock-solid materials, which assists in offering a remarkable audio


  • Intended only for Dodge RAM
  • Expensive
  • There are some complaints about delivery and superiority.
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#5. OnlyFactoryDirect Subwoofer Box

Single Car Black Subwoofer Box Sealed Automotive Enclosure for 8-Inch WooferOnlyFactoryDirect makes it to the fifth position due to many reasons, including an angle back that makes it a faultless fit in the auto trunk. It is an ideal box if you want to get off the way the speaker while offering a lucid and full audio.  It also signifies that there is limited space for auto owners to work with. Therefore, it is vital to be conscious that this could not offer as loud a box as opposed to other brands or models.

The integrated terminals make for a fast and easy set up that a lot of users loved and noted a time between 10 and 30 minutes to complete.  This car accessory is small, so it makes setting up a breeze. What is more, you can buy this for a fraction of the cost. This is a good investment.


  • Easy to setup
  • Cheap and reasonable choice
  • Excellent built
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art features
  • Got lots of positive reviews online


  • The sound is bad as opposed to other choices
  • Small that might affect the superiority of the audio generated
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It is so hard for us to find the best subwoofer box on the market in 2021, most especially for newbies. To get the most excellent on, you have to think of many variables like the size of your car, the size of the subwoofer, playback level, as well as other restrictions. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you a ported or a sealed one provide a remarkable listening experience given that the chosen product meets your needs and requirements as well as the specific use.

This car accessory helps a lot in limiting the interference of audio waves to the front. It also assists in boosting the excellence of the audio in general. This works at utmost capability when installed correctly with the supreme enclosure.

All these products have their pros and cons. So, your choice is vital. See to it that it harmonize the sound of the subwoofer. By getting the right one, you will experience a considerable increase in volume as well as the crispness of sound. So, make sure to use this buying guide by leading experts as your guide in finding the best one.