Looking for best Amp wiring kit? Installing an amplifier in a car is a hectic task but you can make your way through it. All you need is to find out the right wire and subsequent parts. A wire kit comes in handy when it comes to installing an car amplifier. The reason is that a kit consists of all the required items and you need not worry about a thing.


When you search for an amp wire kit, you will be overwhelmed with a lot of results. Today, we will explore top 5 amp wire kit available in the market in 2021. Pick the right one as per your necessity.

#1. BOSS Audio Systems KIT2

8 Gauge Amplifier Installation Wiring Kit

If you are looking to amplify your speaker, sub woofers and radio, then this amp wiring kit from BOSS is a perfect pick. It is an 8 guage amp wiring kit for installation. This is considered as the best seller wiring kit in Amazon. The kit contains the following elements:

  1. 8 Gauge / 20 Foot power cable
  2. Top-quality competition fuse holder
  3. 8 Gauge – 3 Foot ground cable
  4. 18 Gauge / 16 Foot turn-on wire
  5. 16 Gauge / 30 Foot speaker wire
  6. 20 Foot high performing RCA interconnect
  7. 6 Foot split loom tube
  8. 4’’ wire ties
  9. Rubber grommets
  10. ¼’’ ring terminals, 5/16’’ ring terminals
  11. Speaker terminals

The product is totally value for money and you can easily use them. All the items included in the kit exhibit high quality. One can easily use it for DIY purpose.

A Car Amplifier Wiring Kit


  • The fuse can withstand significant amount of power.
  • The wire doesn’t get hot or melted down.
  • If you want to buy a low watt wiring kit, this is the right choice.


  • The ground wire may seem to be short for some.
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#2. TOPSTRONGGEAR – The 4 Gauge Amp Kit

True 4 AWG Amplifier Installation Wiring Amp Kit

This amplifier kit is a must buy if you are someone who is looking for a one-stop solution. The complete all-inclusive kit contains the following items:

  1. 17 Feet 4 AWG strands
  2. Copper clad aluminium powered wire
  3. 18 Feet long16 AWG CCA speaker wire
  4. Remote turn-on wire
  5. Water resistant and heat tested InLine fuse holder
  6. 80 Amp AGU fuse
  7. 17 Feet RCA cable made of OFC or oxygen free copper
  8. Connecting accessories and terminals

The kit contains all the necessary items that you will need. The cable as well as the outer jacket is smooth and not sticky. This ensures an excellent performance. The terminals are made of thick material which serves the purpose.


  • The fuse holder is water resistant and heat tested. This speaks volumes of the lasting quality of the product.
  • The cable is made of oxygen free copper. This ensures to keep the wire cable rust-free for a long time.
  • It may withstand about 2000 Amp power


  • The firewall grommets are made of plastic and may not satisfy the customers.
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#3. Installgear Amp Kit

4 Gauge Complete Amp Kit Amplifier Installation Wiring WireIf you are looking for an best amplifier kit for a single subwoofer, then go for the Installgear Amp kit. It works best. Here are the features to look out for:

  1. 14 guage speaker wire that connects the head unit to the speakers comfortably
  2. 18 guage remote wire with split loom and ring terminal to connect the battery with the car amplifier output. It also contains the ANL fuse holder
  3. 4 guage ground cable that connects using the chasis ground point. It is made up of copper clad aluminium with a 3ft soft PVC jacket
  4. An RCA cable and audio inputs to Amp.
  5. 4 guage power wire with 17ft soft PVC jacket.
  6. The kit contains all wire ties, grommet, split loom and remote wires.

Finally, the kit is a must have if you are looking at a not so premium set up with your subwoofers. Understand the limitations that it has with the cables and stuff and you are good to go.

4 Gauge Amp Kit Suggested Install


  • The kit is made using the copper clad aluminium which works perfectly for small set ups and beginners
  • Great price
  • The 4 guage wire in the kit works perfectly as expected. You will get everything you need to amp up the sound quality of your subwoofers.
  • Don’t worry about any vibrations being caused. These are quite sturdy wires.


  • It is not an oxygen-free copper made. This means it will not be able to handle heavy electrical loads.
  • This is not recommended for 100+ watts RMS subwoofers or more.
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#4. Skar Audio – Amplifier Wiring Kit

4 Gauge CCA Complete Amplifier Installation Wiring KitIf you are looking for an amplifier kit that works best to power up a system with 200 watts, then this is what you need to go with. Here are the features to look out for:

  1. Extremely flexible 17ft power cable
  2. Ground cable which is 3ft – perfect for 4 guage
  3. ANL fuse holder
  4. OFC speaker wire which is 16 guage and 20 ft
  5. RCA interconnect cable which is 2 channel twisted and 17ft
  6. Turn on wire which is 17ft

Overall, this amp kit is just what you need if you are looking for a premium amplifier wiring kit for your systems. Let us dive deeper into the pros and cons of the kit.

Amplifier Wiring Kit


  • Copper clad aluminium 4 guage made which works perfectly for small set ups and beginner systems
  • Good kit at a cost effective price
  • The 4 guage wire in the kit gives value for money and connects perfectly to JBL and BOSS speakers with up to 600 watts.
  • Great doable sound clarity


  • It is not an oxygen-free copper made and very thin. So, it might not be sturdy at all times
  • This is not recommended for systems with 600 watts or more
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#5. Rockrix AMP Wiring Kit

True 4 Gauge Complete AMP Wiring Kit Amplifier Add more power to your car speakers with this amp wiring kit from Rockrix. The easy to use kit can be installed in just a few seconds and you are good to go. Here are a few features that you must look out for when buying this kit:

  1. The kit includes a cutting indicator and fuse holder
  2. Complete OFC made premium kit for premium systems
  3. Also includes several accessories like the cable tires, terminals, 17feet remote turn on wire, 20 feet CCA speaker wire and more.
  4. Power and ground wire included.

Overall this is a great premium product that is available at a very cost effective price. You may choose this product without any second thoughts. Read the pros and cons below.


  • Nylon mesh power braided wires adds power and strength to the power wire. This is heat resistant too.
  • Single and uninterrupted transmission of premium music.
  • All exclusive OFC cables which are sturdy in nature too
  • Works perfectly on premium systems and car sub woofers
  • Pre worked wires that help in easy installation process.
  • There is an accessory bag that contains all the necessary accessories for your installation – from grommet wire to other terminal wires with their ends too.


  • The ground cable can be a bit longer
  • The Allen wrench is missing in this kit. You will need it to bring the fuse and the wire together.
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Comparison Table

Product Name BOSS Audio Systems KIT2 TOPSTRONGGEAR – The 4 Gauge Amp Kit Installgear Amp Kit Skar Audio Rockrix AMP wiring kit
Best Overall Consists of all the accessories and wires that you need.    
Best Quality The cable wires and the outer jacket ensures that the user enjoys optimum performance.     Great premium product at best price.
Best Value Best value for 2000 Amp power The best value for single amplifier installation Best value for systems with 200 watts
Best Features This product is a great value for money and is best used for DIY purposes. Use of water resistant and heat resistant features makes this product  great pick     Easy installation
Honourable Mention 8 guage amp for installation works perfectly. This product is a great pick if you are looking for a beginner set up. Great choice for beginners The kit comes with all the necessary accessories including the terminal ends.

Every amp wiring kit from different brands offer a great value to the user. Hence, it is important for you to choose the right one based on your requirements. Let us look at some of the imperative aspects of picking the right wiring kit for your car sub woofers. Hopefully, these pointers will help you make the right choice.

How to Pick the Right Wiring Kit for Your Car?

Though we have picked 5 best wiring kits out of all those available on the US market, we want you to know the parameters for a good-quality wiring kit. Here’s how to find the right one for your car:

Mind the gauge measurement

Before picking a wiring kit, make sure to check the measurement of the gauge in the kit. You can find lots of variety in the widths but we recommend you to start with an 8 gauge kit. Keep in mind that some companies claim that the wires have a specific gauge amount but actually, the length is smaller. Since the wires are wrapped in insulation, it appears to be bigger than it actually is. When you are purchasing online, we suggest you to buy from a reputed company as mentioned above. Also, check the gauge measurement as soon as you get your hands on it. If you are not satisfied, there’s always a return option available.

AGU or ANL fuse holder

A fuse holder is an important element in an amp wiring kit. Make sure to find out a kit that has an AGU or ANL fuse holder. These are quite easy to install and also has indicators.

Don’t settle for a poor-quality wiring kit just because it’s cheap

This one you already know – cheaper option is not always the better one! Especially, when it comes to an amp wiring kit, it’s better to purchase a kit with quality items. These are sturdily built and have enough longevity. If you pick a poor-quality kit, it will not last for long and you have to buy yet another one. Sounds silly, isn’t it? So, invest in a high-quality product that lasts long.

Which tools should be included in a high-quality amp wiring kit?

Pay attention to a wiring kit that includes all the essential tools to assist you in installation. We will mention some necessary items:

  • A positive wire which is about 18 Feet long
  • Speaker wire
  • Remote wire
  • Ground wire
  • A quality RCA cable that is about 16 Feet long
  • A fuse and fuse holder
  • Zip ties
  • Crimp ring terminals

If a kit contains more items, that’s even better. Also, if a kit doesn’t contain one or two of these items but the rest are of high-quality, you can buy the kit. In that case, you have to separately purchase the missing items.

Ideal size

The ideal size of an amp wiring kit depends on the RMS rating or wattage of the sound system. Here’s an outline on the size guideline:

  • 100 to 200 watts – 10 AWG
  • 200 to 400 watts – 8 AWG
  • 400 to 1000 watts – 4 AWG
  • 1000 watts and more – 0/1 AWG

Copper or copper-coated – which is an ideal option for an amp wiring kit?

Copper wires are pricier than the copper-coated ones. The copper ones have high conductivity and strength that underline their high quality.

On the other hand, copper-coated ones are made of aluminium. These have a low cost. However, you need not worry about the conductivity because the copper-coated wires have similar conductivity as the copper wires.

So, you can choose between the two depending on your budget. What are you still waiting for?